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Yulia Berry is the web developer and designer of The Babel Flute platform, which offers exceptional quality translations into ANY language, magazine, Classifieds, store, forum and calendar, as well as a dedicated course platform The Babel Flute Courses with features such as online courses, translation into any language, timed tests, personal certificates and more.

The Babel Flute project was introduced to the flute community on March 20, 2021 and immediately began to grow and expand: 94 contributors from 30 countries, and more than 3.5 MILLION visits from 238 countries in 3 years.

In March 2024, The Babel Flute released 11th edition, celebrating its 3-year anniversary and announcing the end of the project.


Yulia Berry is the creator and the developer of ALL about FLUTE, a FREE Mobile app, available for iPhones and Androids. This is a must have for flute players of all skill levels and disciplines. With useful links, streamlining notifications, and informative articles, "ALL about FLUTE" serves as a gateway into the world of flute playing. 

***The app was active in 2013-2021. In 2021 Yulia Berry switched her focus on developing The Babel Flute platform.



In 2017, Yulia Berry and Onorio Zaralli co-founded the Web Flute Academy, a pioneering project aimed at enhancing flute playing skills for musicians of all levels. They were among the first to create a virtual institution dedicated to teaching the flute. Since 2017, they have spearheaded this initiative by offering live webinars worldwide via Zoom, a major milestone for flutists worldwide.

From 2017 to 2024, the Web Flute Academy delivered live online webinars, workshops, and specialized courses covering various aspects of flute performance, including tone, vibrato, breathing, technique, and musical interpretation. Additionally, it offered resources and lessons tailored to flutists of any level. However, in March 2024, the founders parted ways, leading to the conclusion of the project.

Web Flute Academy hosted the Global Flute Convention in September 19-24, 2023, which set a record of the largest flute event in history with 110 events and 400 guests.

Yulia Berry was the organizer (together with Onorio Zaralli), and acted as a developer of the convention structure and e-learning, visual artist and marketer. She also gave a presentation at the Convention "From Bach to Bot: Navigating the Coalescence of AI and Classical Music".






Yulia Berry was the author of an innovative idea, co-organizer and one of the jury members of the “International Flute Concerto Competition Eugene Magalif 2018“. The competition attracted huge attention on social media, with a total of over 150,000 views and 18 finalists from 10 countries.

For the first time among online competitions, the final live voting was public and was conducted in the All about Flute Mobile application, created by Yulia Berry. It collected many thousands of votes from all over the world and was and widely reported on social networks.