Black History Month: Group Lessons

Sunday, February 19, 2023 by Yulia Berry | Group Lessons

Group lessons this weekend at the Quincy location!

It was so much fun! Group classes for different levels and ages are included in the program of the academic year!

⭐️ February is a BLACK HISTORY MONTH - we studied black composers and black performers!

⭐️ We celebrated VALENTINE'S DAY by playing "Escape the music room"

⭐️ They did it - solved all music puzzles and found the coded word! 

⭐️ All participants were rewarded with gold chocolate coins in the celebration of St.Patrick's Day (coming in March)

⭐️ We composed songs, with beautiful melodies and  complicated rhythms, added dynamics and embelishments. Each young composer gave their song a name. The teacher Yulia Berry performed all songs in a mini recital. All students voted and chose a winner! 🏆🏅