Spring Extravaganza of Flute Music

Thursday, April 4, 2024 by Yulia Berry | Recital

Dear flutists and families,

Join us for the Spring Extravaganza of Flute Music on Saturday, April 13th at 2:30 pm, hosted at Bethany Church located at 18 Spear Street, Quincy.

This will be a concert of gorgeous flute music performed by Alvin Nikolla, Chloe Zhong, Teresa Corbo, Yulia Berry and Miles Fellenberg.

We strongly encourage all students and families to attend this educational yet enjoyable event. Admission is free.

Don't miss out on this unique musical experience! View this concert as an educational opportunity and a form of instruction.

Below are a few important reasons why it is crucial to attend such concerts:

Inspiration and Motivation: Watching skilled performers in action can inspire and motivate students to strive for excellence in their own playing.

Exposure to High-Quality Performances:

Observing professional and advanced student performances provides flute students with exposure to high-quality music making. They can observe first-hand proper technique, tone setting, phrasing, and musical interpretation, which can help them understand the standards to which they should strive.

Understanding Performance Etiquette: Observing how musicians interact with the audience, handle stage nerves, and present themselves on stage teaches valuable lessons in performance etiquette and professionalism.

Feedback and Self-Reflection: Attending concerts provides students with the opportunity to critically evaluate their own playing by comparing it to the performances they observe. They can identify areas for improvement and set goals for their own musical development.

Exposure to Repertoire: Concert attendance exposes students to a wide range of musical repertoire, expanding their musical horizons and introducing them to new composers, genres, and interpretations.

Cultural Enrichment: Experiencing live music performances enhances students' cultural literacy and appreciation for the arts, contributing to their overall education and development as musicians.


Your help in spreading the word about this concert and sharing the attached poster with your family, friends and fellow music enthusiasts will be greatly appreciated.